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How To Optimize the HP Touchpad’s Performance

So you’ve bought a new HP Touchpad or you’re considering buying one, and have heard that the performance is good, but you want it to be great! What do you do now? Well, we have evaluated the HP Touchpad and found the best Tweaks and Optimizations that really bring this device to life. Here you are:

Configure Logging

  1. Open the Phone and Video Calls app from the Apps tab on the launcher screen.
  2. Select the DialPad tab and enter the following in the dialer like you would on a phone: ##LOGS# (##5647#)
  3. Hit the green Dial button.
  4. On the Collect Logs screen, select Change Logging Levels.
  5. Select “Set Logging To Minimal” and confirm.

Install Preware

  1. Install the latest webOS Quick Install from
  2. It’s a java .jar file, so if you don’t already have java on your home PC/Mac you will need to install the java runtime environment to run that file. You can download java here (just install the most recent version): Download Free Java Software
  3. You will need to enable Developer Mode on your HP Touchpad to continue with the following steps. Tap on the “just type” box on your touchpad and type: webos20090606
  4. Select the developer mode icon that will appear, and verify that your device is in developer mode. It will ask you to input a password, DO NOT INPUT A PASSWORD, LEAVE THIS BLANK, FAILURE TO HEED THIS ADVICE WILL REQUIRE A FULL WEBOS DOCTOR RESET.
  5. Now, plug your touchpad into your computer with the usb cable, and open up Webos quick install from your Computer. DO NOT PUT THE TOUCHPAD INTO MASS STORAGE USB MODE. The touchpad will ask if you want to go into mass storage mode, select ‘Just Charge’ (or ‘Cancel’ on your Touchpad).
  6. Webos quick install will most likely install a novacom driver to be able to talk to your touchpad.
  7. If webOS quick install is STILL not recognizing your touchpad, try rebooting the computer/touchpad, ensure developer mode is on, or try a different USB port for plugging the touchpad to the computer.
  8. Now you want to install the preware application. From your Computer, in the Webos quick install window, click on the little globe icon on the right. That will bring up a list of applications you can install. Select PREWARE from that list and install it.
  9. Now you can close Webos quick install, pick up your touchpad. Go to your downloads folder on the touchpad (click the arrow, swipe over to downloads) and open Preware on the touchpad.

Overclock the HP Touchpad to 1.5GHz

  1. Open Preware from your HP Touchpad.
  2. Find and install Uberkernel and Govna.
  3. Reboot the touchpad.
  4. Load up Govna and pick a profile that supports 1.5ghz.

Recommended Patches to Install from Preware

  1. Unthrottle download manager – By default the download manager is throttled to 64KB/s.  We can fix that.
  2. Remove tap ripple – Removes the tap ripple that slows down application performance.
  3. Remove Dropped Packet Logging
  4. Faster Card Animations HYPER Version – Speeds up the animation as cards open.
  5. Buttah – For a slightly more responsive touchscreen.
  6. Muffle System Logging
  7. Unset CFQ IO Scheduler
  8. Quiet powerd Messages
  9. Advanced Reset Options
  10. Disable Search Engine Browser Notifications
  11. Disable lock screen
  12. Increase Touch Sensitivity and Smoothness 10
  13. Govnah – Application that let’s us set CPU profile and monitor performance.
  14. Uberkernel – This will install an entirely new OS kernel on the device that let’s us go up to 1.5GHz and adds a new CPU scheduler.  Reboot after this installs.
  15. KalemSoft Media Player – Playback DivX, XviD, WMV and MKV video files.
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