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How To Find The Best Firewalls Of 2013

FirewallIf you surf the web on a daily basis, firewall protection is very important. There are many potentially malicious programs that could infect your system. To protect yourself, you need a firewall. Firewalls are very necessary, and are an essential aspect of modern computing, so don’t overlook it.

It is important to use a reputable firewall to protect your computer from online threats. If you don’t have a firewall and good antivirus installed already, it is very likely that your PC may be infected with viruses, trojans, root-kits, malware, etc. and it is important that you get firewall and antivirus protection as soon as possible. When looking for a good firewall, it is important to consider features such as Intrusion Prevention, Heuristics Scanning, Proactive Threat Protection, Application Traffic Filtering, IP Filtering, etc. A good PC security solution would be Symantec Endpoint Protection or Comodo Internet Security Plus (Free). You can use both of these programs with Vista, XP or Windows 7. These security solutions are easy to use and work in the background so as not to disturb whatever you’re doing.

Windows comes with a default firewall, but if your PC is connected to a Network or the Internet it is always a good idea to enhance this with additional protection. Computer security is very important, and with all the new threats, it takes more than one kind of protection, especially since everything can’t be protected by Windows built-in firewall. Windows built-in firewall lacks many capabilities, such as malware protection, that normally only come in paid firewall security solutions.

While you will most likely have a firewall already, you should test how well it is protecting you from network threats using the Comodo HIPS and Firewall Test Suite. Breaking into your computer is the goal of hackers, and they keep finding new ways, so to counteract this, you need the latest measures for protection. You can stay safe from threats by using a security solution that updates regularly, and keep your data protected by backing up your data regularly.

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