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How To Easily Color Calibrate Your Monitor

Calibrating your monitor can be an expensive and tedious job. To get the most accurate calibration, external hardware sensors can be used to achieve a highly accurate screen calibration, but this hardware is not usually inexpensive. Most people might even have trouble using this hardware. An alternative to this would be to use monitor calibration software. Even with the display calibration feature built into Windows 7 and newer, things don’t get much easier, or better. There are a couple of other software options that work exceptionally well, and they are both available to download for free. We will be focusing on Calibrize and QuickGamma.


Calibrize is a simple three-step monitor calibration to ensure on-screen colors look the same from computer to computer. Once you’ve run the application and adjusted the color profile to its specifications, Calibrize saves the profile and automatically installs it on your system so the right color profile always loads up. It’s quick and simple, especially if you don’t know much about screen calibration to begin with. Download Here


QuickGamma is a simple tool that will allow you to calibrate your monitor with the help of the Norman Koren’s gamma images. The program allows you to modify all the values (red, green and blue) at once or to change them individually. QuickGamma contains Norman Koren’s excellent gamma images, but now creates a monitor profile with a vcgt tag containing the LUT data. The profile is automatically installed, defined as the default profile for the monitor and the Windows 7 Display Calibration feature is automatically enabled. There is no need for any supporting programs anymore because QuickGamma Version 4 is all it takes to achieve a good visual monitor gamma calibration. Download Here

NOTE: If you don’t want to download any software, or are familiar with color calibration and just need a reference, check out Screen Check:

Calibrate your monitors for consistent tone and color with web site Screen Check. The site displays two bars, one white-to-black for adjusting tone and the other covers the red/green/blue spectrum for adjusting color. Just follow the Screen Check instructions and by the end you should have a reasonably well calibrated monitor. View Website Here

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